SafeClickTM is Future
Injection Technologies' (FIT's) family of novel and
proprietary single use
disposable auto-injectors that allows self-administration of viscous biological and
standard therapies via regulatory standard
pre-filled syringes.

FIT, based in the Oxford Science Park and utilising new-generation technologies developed from the collaboration between ISIS and FIT's existing world-leading autoinjector design team, have developed and launched a new range of needle-safe autoinjectors required for the imminent explosion in the demand for such devices, especially for viscous drugs.

Whilst FITs range of devices can easily cope with any existing medication, the Unique Selling Point of FITs range of products is the patent pending method of drug delivery that means that no force is applied to the vulnerable parts of the syringe, thus eliminating the risk of syringe breakage and fully automated active needle management, completely occulting the needle at all times, meeting all International Needlestick Regulations, whilst delivering every single drop of drug and at the predetermined depth.

Head Office

The Magdalen Centre
The Oxford Science Park